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Standard Flat Fee MLS Package $389

This listing package will help the seller who wants to do everything themselves. There is no listing commission or consultation. It’s the least costly way to go if you just want your listing on the MLS, Realtor.com and other important sites where buyers search for homes.

You will need to offer a buyer’s agent commission in order to get into the MLS. Traditionally, sellers pay 2.5% to 3%, but nothing is mandatory in this industry. So you chose what commission you’d like to offer to the agent who brings you a buyer. Keep in mind however, that if the majority of sellers in the marketplace are offering a traditional commission and you are offering a lower amount, agents may feel they cannot afford to show your home to their buyers. To be competitive we like to encourage our sellers to offer a traditional buyer’s agent commission whenever possible.

Here are the steps that you’ll take if you order this service:

  • Choose the package and pay for it using our secure Pay Pal portal.
  • Your local AAH broker will call you promptly to introduce themselves and answer any questions you have about this service.
  • You will receive the appropriate listing forms and disclosures directly from your broker/agent via email.
  • Fill out the forms in their entirety, making sure to include your tax parcel number and as many features about your home as possible. The more features, the more buyers will be interested in your property. Return these forms after all sellers have signed and dated the forms.
  • Send your photos in a jpg format sized for 100 x 740 pixels or so. If you have a lot of photos send them in a couple of different emails.
  • Your America at Home broker will have you listed on the MLS within 24 hours assuming all the details on the forms are filled in correctly.
  • Your broker will either drop off a sign or mail it to you for your use.
  • Same thing if you ordered a lock box rental.
  • Your listing will syndicate out to Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, and more plus hundreds of local real estate company sites, where thousands of agents and buyers will see your listing.
  • You are responsible for keeping your broker up to date on the transaction. For example if you accept an offer without using our consulting services (extra cost) you must send a copy of all the paperwork you and the buyers have signed within 24 hours so the status of your listing can be updated. Also, your broker needs to have their files in compliance at all times in case of a State audit by the Real Estate Agency. So please remember to send copies of all paperwork you and the buyers sign throughout the entire transaction.
  • Once you close on the sale, escrow should send your broker a copy of the final Settlement paperwork to close out your listing. It is your responsibility to follow up with escrow to make sure this is done promptly after closing.
  • You’re done and we are sure you have saved thousands of dollars on your transaction.
  • Your broker will be happy you had a successful transaction and may ask you for a review or testimony. We love to collect reviews which could be displayed on their profile or on Zillow, Realtor.com or other important sites.
  • We sincerely appreciate your business and hope you’ll come back to America at Home Real Estate next time you need real estate services. Don’t forget to refer your friends, family and associates, they will thank you for telling them about America at Home.

All the best to you.