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How Much Service Do You Need?

If you can answer these questions you will determine how much service you’ll need from your local America at Home Real Estate Broker
  1. Have you ever sold or purchased a home without a Realtor representing you before?
  2. How easy is it for you to fill out forms without guidance, read and fully understand real estate contracts, handle contingencies, inspections and negotiations?
  3. Can you take semi-professional photos of your property to show off the best features? Buyers typically navigate to listings with great photos.
  4. How do you feel about holding open houses, making appointments to show the property and handling questions from buyers and their agents, property inspectors, etc.?
  5. Real Estate documents are very time sensitive and can expire within 24 hours or so. Can you comply with these types of sensitive deadlines?
  6. Finally, do you want to do this work or would you rather have a professional broker handle it for you? By answering these questions you will get an idea of whether you need the basic listing or one with consultation or full service.

The choice is yours. Either way, America at Home brokers are here to help you.