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How Much Can You Save?

Well, if you are a seller and you sign up for the Standard Flat Fee Listing Service for $389, you will be representing yourself and therefore not paying a Listing Commission (typically 3%). You will choose what percentage you will pay the Buyer’s Agent who brings you a qualified buyer, (typically 3%, sometime a little less). On a sale of $350,000 your savings would be $10,111!

If you choose the Deluxe Listing package which comes with consulting, guidance and legal paperwork etc. for $995, you will also be legally representing yourself but you’ll have your local AAH broker behind you all of the way through the transaction. Again you’ll save on the Listing Commission, so no 3% here. You’ll just pay the Buyer’s agent commission and the $995.Your cash savings would be $9505!

If you choose the Full Service listing program you will not pay an upfront fee but rather a total of 4.5% commission and your local broker will legally represent you on the sale. Your cash savings in this case would be $5250!

So, any way you slice it, you’re saving a lot of cash.