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Deluxe MLS Listing Package $995

This listing package is for the seller who wants to save a lot of money but also wants to have their offers reviewed and consulted with throughout the sales transaction. Your local America at Home Broker will answer any questions you have in addition to helping to protect you with the legal paperwork. It’s one of our most cost effective services to make sure your transaction goes smoothly and you are in compliance with the latest State laws.

It starts off with a quick comp search ($35 value) to help you understand your competition and past sales so you can price your property correctly. Pricing a property is the number one best way to sell without lingering on the market for an extensive amount of time and becoming known by agents and buyers as a “Stale” listing. A stale listing means people don’t understand why you haven’t sold yet and think that something must be wrong with the property. This is very bad and certainly not in your best interests.

Your broker will review each offer that comes in and dissect it for you in detail via phone consultations. You will be advised on how to turn this offer around and counter it for more money and better terms. You are not being legally represented by this service as their is no commission due our office on this program, but you are getting the second best thing by being guided on how to make the most money and have the best terms for your transaction. By making sure you are protected in the contract with addenda and contingency forms is important to a successful transaction.

Here are just some of the things your broker will discuss with you:

  • Earnest money deposit and whether the amount and conditions are in your best interest.
  • Offer expiration date, counter offer and closing date.
  • Financing for the buyer and review of their pre-approval from their lender. This alone could save you thousands of dollars and time in understanding what these pre-approvals really mean and whether your buyer can truly afford your home.
  • Counter offer forms and disclosures. We will help you get the highest possible price for your property which typically pays for this service and makes you thousands more.
  • Multiple offer situations.
  • Addendums that detail the contract.
  • Inspection and other contingencies.
  • The small print of the contract, so you don’t miss anything important.
  • Attention to deadlines that can make or break the contract.
  • Closing review of the final Settlement documents to make sure all the numbers are correct and in your best interests.
  • Plus anything else you need to make this a smooth and successful transaction.
  • Upon closing, your broker will still be around to help you with any final questions or needs.
  • Once your listing is closed out of the MLS, your broker will ask you for a review of their services. This review may be on Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com or any number of sites to help us promote our services to more buyers and sellers. We want to make sure you are happy with our services and feel confident in referring us to your family and friends.
  • If you are ready to order this service, go to the Services page and purchase this package.
  • Your local Broker will contact you promptly, send you the listing forms and start consulting with you.

We wish you the very best.